Thursday, June 11, 2009

Pheobe and Lister's first year

One year ago this week we took into our home two rescued pit bull puppies. They each started life in the usual way then as they always do, things took a turn. Each faced tragic and life threatening conditions before they were old enough to remember. Because they each were given a second chance to thrive neither knows how far they have come.

This is to thank the unseen hero's of their journey. All of the kind people who took the time and resources to intervene in the lives of these animals. As with any chain strength comes from the links, even the smallest gesture of compassion goes a long way. These two dogs are an example and a celebration of how much good can come from animal adoption. Now they bring joy to all who meet them and hopefully expand the envelope of understanding and love that saved them.

June, 2008. Jujube, Lister and Phoebe

There time together was short but the best ever.

After Jujube left

They spend a lot of time running together.

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Anonymous said...

Dea, thank you!
I'm glad you and Heidi found Lister and Phoebe to help you thru the loss of Juju...I loved my niece Juju so very much even tho we had never met. What a beautiful, wonderful girl she was. Thank you for sharing herlife with me..Jody