Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Disturbance in the Force

Just before a recent cold snap I went out to the yard and covered up the faucets and disconnected the hoses.  I went into the chicken's yard and made sure they had what they needed.  The last stop among the things I check out was the fountain I made to look like a spring two years ago.  I noticed the all of the soil around the "pond" was torn up and in disarray. I immediately suspected that Red the squirrel had done it. You have meet Red and know his ways.

I bought fresh batteries for the wildlife camera and set it up.  Here is an over view of what is going on when I not around to watch.

I not real pleased with this turn of events.  I turn on the yard lights at night and wait a minute or so before I let the dogs out. I do not want the Raccoons and the dogs to ever to have a change to interact. no good can come of it.

Red is on the log at the bottom of the pond drinking.
Red is at the at the top of the vertical log taking a drink.

A Steller's Jay hops along the vertical log toward the camera.

A Steller's at at the top of the pond standing in the water.

The sneaky little rabbit that eats more then it's fair share in the garden.

Then the Raccoons take over.

A challenge to the camera?

I am sure they area looking for the three goldfish that have been living in there for the last two years.

So now when Phoebe stands there and sniffs long and hard I can pretty much assume that she is taking in all of the nuances of the recent visitor. I often wonder when the dogs did that how old if any sent was there. Now I will not be so quick to tell her she is nuts.

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Lynne said...

Great pictures, although racoons freak me out.
I have a new friend, a Roadrunner living on the roof. Every morning I see him up there making sounds like a mourning dove. Darnest thing. Guess spring is sprunging.