Saturday, March 12, 2011

Butter Talons

Wave after wave of spring storms are trudging their way across the Northwest this spring.  During the lulls in the weather I try to get out and spend time with the animals even if the sun does not.  

The lack of good light does not stop life from continuing but it does make it difficult for the camera to follow.  I recently upgraded my camera to a behemoth that can take eight frames per second as well as take high definition video.   At the same time I figured out how to embed sideshows and videos directly to my blog. 
My pictures are two dimensional, I hope to fill them out with my rambling narratives. Now I hope to add the forth dimension to share with you.   Some things in nature just have to been seen and now with videos I can give you sound also.

For this blog allow me to share with you, breakfast with an eagle.


Maybe lunch will be better.


grammyscraps said... will be wonderful to see video of your birding adventures. Poor bird was having a bad you say, hope lunch shopping was more successful.

Heidi said...

the sign of a real behemoth is one that does not have to crop ..come on you can get those pictures now can't you ..and no I will cut you no slack ....LOLOL!!!!

very cool now stop cropping and get it!!! OOOXXX