Sunday, May 18, 2008

Afternoon visitors

Yesterday was the warmest of the year so far reaching the low eighties. I had a series of chores around the the house that kept my home all day. With everything wrapped up by mid afternoon and it was time to chill out. The following pictures were all taken from my yard. After looking at what was in the yard I guess I didn't need to go anywhere at all.

This Black Tailed Buck was eating my neighbors bushes in the front yard while she worked in the backyard.

We caught the yearling Buck eating our Cherry tree's leaves. As he left the yard in haste he almost ran over one of our rabbits.

As always the Crows kept the Red Tailed Hawks in their place.

The upper bird is a Towhee the lower a Robin. They were having a singing battle each being courtious and respectfully taking turns.

Soon this Black Headed Grosbeak came to join in.

Then a male House Finch had to have the last word.

This male Robin was seen sneaking to the fountain.

Here a Cedar Waxing eats the flowers of a Madrona tree.

There were many other photos taken yesterday and many missed. After this male Western Tanager came in for a drink and bath everything else paled by comparison.

The trees are filled with the songs of the migrants returning, now the challenge begins Swainson's Thrushes, Humming birds, Band Tailed Pigeons and Pewee's are all out there tormenting me. I must get pictures of them. Stay tuned.

Take care.

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Jackless Jill said...

Birdmandea, thanks for the invite to your blog. This is my favorite picture so far. It captures the beauty, simplicity, and tranquility of nature that we often forget about because we are so wrapped up in our everyday chaotic lives. Thanks for the reminder of how special the space and environment around us really is. ~~Jackless Jill